Sunrise Avenue

Sunrise Avenue

Sunrise Avenue, the Finnish rock band, with its charismatic blonde lead singer Samu Haber, managed to create a successful story. 22 years have passed since the early beginnings of the band Sunrise, which ten years later was renamed into Sunrise Avenue.

The band’s breakthrough took place in 2006, with their catchy single “Fairytale Gone Bad”.

Samu Haber uses the same approach with the stories he tells in the Sunrise Avenue songs: He doesn’t finish telling them. He leaves space for the listeners, to create their own personal ending of the topic he’s raised. And it’s exactly this trick, which provides Sunrise Avenue with the ability to write songs that reach deep into the soul.

Not to forget Samu Haber’s participating in the TV show The Voice of Germany, which advanced him into the position of everybody’s darling, has drawn the media’s attention onto Sunrise Avenue.

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